what is conversion rate

What is conversion rate

When building an online store conversion rate is one the most important thing a website owner should look at!A real example is, let’s say 1000 people visit your website in one day, and you have 10 sales, that’s 1% conversion rate.To increase the number of your conversion you have to do conversion rate optimization.You need a lot of experience on what to test depending on your website! Searching the web you will find plenty of information. I will share with you my experience, and i believe if done right you will be able to increase your conversion rate on most websites that are selling physical stuff or digital products that people want to buy!

If you have a brand new website the most common will be that you will have a very few sales.This happens because the website has not organic traffic.Without traffic and sales there will be no business.In order to build a sustainable business you have to build a steady, growing organic traffic.I propose that you first build your organic traffic, make it work (convert) and then start advertising very carefully on keywords that will convert and be profitable!

From my experience in order to increase your conversion rate you will need a professional email marketing software.When i started 11 years ago i used this software without knowing it’s true power! – Join my newsletter where i share a step by step guide on how to build a website and use some tools correctly that will allow you to sell your products or services online!


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