How to build a website with wordpress

Want to know hot to build a website with WordPress? – Right now we are building a guide that will show you step by step how you can build your own website! – You don’t have to have coding skills. You will only need this guide – Just subscribe to our newsletter just to know when the guide will be released!

In order to build a website first you will need to come up with a domain name idea.Make sure your domain name is short and easy to remember.Also you will have to have a good looking logo! You can have a logo designed with 25$ just look here…Before you finalize your domain name you should check that your domain name is available on the internet and that it’s not registered by someone else.There are thousands of websites where you can register your website for a few bucks!Next step is to choose a hosting company!Start with a good and reliable company so you will avoid problems in the future.Also look for 24 hour support!This will save you time! – Next thing is to point your domain name to the name servers of your hosting plan.This will redirect the domain name you bought in the first place to your hosting providers hosting plan.So that was the first steps to build your website!More info coming soon